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A unique collection of handmade designer eyewear.

Visit us in Ghent, Antwerp or Amsterdam.


At Loft we have one great passion: Unique, original and handmade glasses.
With an eye for detail and without compromising on quality.

Eye tests and repairs are only the starting point of the service you can expect here at Loft. We pride ourselves on the sincere advice, and experience of our team. Choosing eyewear is an important moment and we understand that.

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Unique stories, from Loft to you

A 2-year search for the most beautiful colours, sustainable materials and traditional finishes led to our very own 'Loft Handmade Eyewear' Collection.


We are therefore very proud to present our very first line.


We hope to welcome, surprise and guide you in your search for the perfect pair of stunning, handmade glasses.


We prefer to welcome you in our stores by appointment.

Our team of optometrists can also provide you with professional eye tests.

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Loft Kortrijk

Meet our eyewear heroes.


Tom - Founder of Loft

Lisa - The eyewear hero of Loft Gent

Linda - The eyewear hero of Loft Antwerp

Menno - The eyewear hero 
from Loft Amsterdam
Lore - The eyewear hero 
from Loft Kortrijk
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