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Glasses are and remain a tool, a fantastic accessory to give you the best view.


A beautiful piece of design that will be used daily. Here are some tips to stay in love with your new glasses for a long time.


Maintenance of your glasses.

Your glasses come into contact with your skin every day, but also with dust. Our skin naturally produces sebum which can stick to your eyewear in combination with dust. Therefore, rinse your glasses regularly under lukewarm water so that dust and skin sebum do not accumulate too quickly in the parts of your glasses. 

Preferably keep your glasses in the supplied glasses case. We often don't realize it, but glasses have to endure much more in pants or jacket pockets or loose in the handbag than we think. This unexpected pressure on glasses can cause screws or lenses to loosen. Not a big disaster in general because our opticians can replace your glass or replace a screw, but it's still better to prevent than cure ;-)  Discover our range of glasses cases here.

When you buy your new glasses, you always receive a bottle of glass spray as a gift: a natural based liquid, that can clean your glasses perfectly without damaging them. Is your bottle empty? Feel free to pop by, and we will refill it for you for free. It's a matter of working sustainably here as well. This way, you don't have to buy a new bottle every time.

You will also receive two microfiber cleaning cloths from us. Microfiber is our preference because it is a very soft material and cannot cause scratches like cotton cloths or paper tissues. You can wash the microfiber cleaning cloths at 30 degrees in the washing machine (without fabric softener). Your glasses will thank you for always having a clean cloth. 

Why two cloths? With one, you can dry the glasses after using the glass spray and with the other microfibre cloth you can make the glasses are streak-free again.

Preventing Scratches

Sand and dust are a killer for your glasses. If you have been in a dusty or sandy environment (which can also be a workplace), rinse your glasses under lukewarm water first, and only then spray them with our glass spray.
This way you prevent sand and dust from causing scratches while polishing your glasses.

Also be careful with your sweater, shirt, t-shirt (clothes can also contain dust) or paper tissues. These alternatives to the microfibre cloth may seem handy to quickly polish your glasses, but they can certainly contribute to creating scratches on your glasses.

Protect your glasses with our glasses cases:


We only work with glasses made of high-quality acetate, stainless steel or titanium. These materials are qualitative, durable, strong or lightweight. It is true that they can show signs of wear & tear when using them daily.
It is very important to us that your glasses last as long as possible. That is why you can have your glasses repaired at Loft. Make an appointment for this in one of our stores.

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