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Optical Glasses

Pure indulgence for spectacle wearers who are looking for innovation, individuality, craftsmanship and sustainable materials. Book an appointment and discover our collection.

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Zeiss Glasses

All our lenses are made by Carl Zeiss Vision. Thanks to 170 years of experience, research and expertise, Zeiss has grown into one of the leading suppliers of optics.  


Like Zeiss, we strive for a perfect visual experience. We have a custom glass for every kind of vision deviation. Our team of opticians will offer you a choice of different types of lenses. We will work with you to determine which glass is best for you. We guarantee a short adaptation period and a superior clear view. Book an appointment now and view our collection.

Our classics

The collection consists of the 'classics' on the one hand: models that we are fans of and cannot be missed in our collection.

Beautiful everyday, timeless glasses that have been in our collection for a long time. But often with a new color per season.


Our eye catchers

The models that we only have in stock, the 'limited editions'. Real eye-catchers and one of a kind. 

They are glasses that we add to the collection thanks to the WOW factor: but once they're sold… they're gone forever. Unique and with a strong urge for individuality.

Do your eyes need a check-up?

Make an appointment for an eye test at

our qualified optometrists. 

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