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Contact lenses?

We love beautiful frames and we want you to enjoy your vision carefree. But sometimes you just want to get naked. Then contact lenses are interesting.

In our search for the best lens for your eye, we'll teach you how to put them on and take them off and tell you everything you need to know to wear contact lenses safely.

Better safe than sorry

Wearing contact lenses safely and easily, what more could you want?

Daily lenses are the ideal solution for those who love sports, festivals, nights out or if you are not a fan of weekly or monthly lenses.  ​

One lens for all distances

Even if the fine print becomes more difficult, we offer a nice solution. With our multifocal daily lenses, we ensure that you can see again without any problems at all distances.

Astigma - what in the what?

We have lenses for everyone! For every eye, for every strength. We can even tackle toric corrections with our lenses. Be surprised by our wide range. We are happy to guide you in this quest!



Order your favorite contact lenses online now!

You can pick them up at our store in Ghent or have them easily delivered to your home.

Discover our super competitive prices, buy local & enjoy the comfort of online shopping.

If you have any questions about which lenses are best for you, please contact our team and they will assist you with advice and assistance!

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