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Our collection

When you buy glasses at Loft, you are sure of an original and handmade design.


The entire Loft team shares one great passion: unique, handmade and original glasses. With an eye for detail, and without compromising on quality.

Our glasses are unique, durable and distinctive. We take you just that little bit out of your comfort zone and let you slowly fall in love with the design and new look.​

LOFT YYD 23-34.jpg


Discover in our collection the result of 3 years of searching for inspiration and design from all corners of the world.  We are constantly looking for innovation in shape and colour. Regardless of what everyone else is doing or thinking.

From colorful to sober, extravagant and retro to minimalist.

We are more than just an ordinary eyewear store or optician's shop.

At Loft you can try on different styles until you have found the perfect look.

Style Advice

Together we look for the perfect frame, which is complementary to your personality. 

Details that enhance the lines of your face. Shapes and colors that suit you perfectly. 

Would you like to view our full collection?

Come and try or take your time and make your appointment here!

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