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Children's glasses

Finding cool and playful children's glasses is not always an easy job. That is why LOFT chose from day 1 to bring a unique and large range into its home. In our store in Ghent you will find a beautiful, wide range of cheerful children's glasses, without forgetting the quality.

By constantly looking for fun, new models, we ensure that we can always offer a varied and large choice.

Our team will work with you to find the perfect children's glasses. We listen to the wishes and ensure that every child is happy with his or her glasses. We pay attention to a perfect fit, the right colors and a good model. 

Lets find your perfect match.

Cool glasses for Cool Kids.  Cause kids have great taste 

No Worries.
We got you covered!

Enjoy an unprecedented service.

You may have little experience with children's glasses for the time being?  Fortunately we do!​

That is why we offer tailor-made insurance for children.

Ask for all info in the store!


Would you like to see more frames?

Come and try on without obligation or make your appointment here!


Reimbursement mutuality

Our optometrists are perfectly aware of the latest new regulations regarding the reimbursement of children's glasses by the health insurance company.  


We ensure that you receive all necessary documents so that we can guarantee a smooth refund.

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