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When it comes to eyewear, not all frames are created equal. At Loft Optics we invest in craftsmanship. We work exclusively with eyewear designers who work as sustainably as possible and with high-quality materials. Our collection is a thoughtful selection of styles and designs. 

Before starting any new collaboration, we will always research where it is made, how, by who... if this is in line with our values, we can start working together. Each designer forms a part of the uniqueness of our collection. 

Patented and award-winning eyewear designs from Berlin. With a focus on challenging standards and creating new aesthetic impulses within the eyewear world, MYKITA pushes visible logos and conventional luxury codes into the background. Instead, a lot of research and development goes into improving materials, surfaces,...all of which contribute to the characteristic modernity of their frames. 

A name that stands for quality. Masunaga Optical pioneered the production of eyewear in Fukui in 1905. There are as many as 200 manual processes involved in making optical glasses. Masunaga Optical is the only company in Japan that has a factory that is responsible for all processes in making glasses, from raw material to production and finishing, in an integrated way. The integrated production system improves detailing and quality.

Anne & Valentin is a brand from Toulouse. “Made In France” is a moral commitment for them. They have been collaborating with the same factories in the French Jura Mountains since the start (some 30 years ago), except for some titanium models they manufacture in Japan because the very best titanium is “Made in Japan”.

This brand was launched in 2014 by Paris-born but Los Angeles-based designer Ahlem Manai-Platt.
Their vision is a result of their rigorous attention to detail, emphasis on exceptional materials, dedication to sustainable methods, and an enduring obsession with art and culture. The timeless applications of the Bauhaus design principles of the early 20th century have a special resonance and serve as a consistent aesthetic reference.”

Inspired by contemporary art, architecture, and automotive design, Jacques Durand creates pure and distinctive shapes with clear and defined contours. The design process stems from the intention to push the boundaries of classicism. The fascination for pure form and design quality results in a collection focused on quality and comfort.
The time their skilled craftsmen spend on each Jacques Durand frame makes each piece unique.

They are known for their collection of light frames with exceptional wearing comfort, without sacrificing on the recognizable Japanese premium quality. 

Their entire collection is mainly produced in titanium. The simplicity and pure forms of founder and designer Toshiaki Yamagishi give the brand a powerful design.

In 1972, EYEVAN was founded as the first fashion eyewear brand in Japan, under the concept of "eyeglasses as a fashion accessory". Their designs are based on the style and tranquility of Japanese culture. At the heart of this brand is their craftsmanship, which is acclaimed worldwide, together with developing products focused on the pleasure of wearing glasses. Glasses are more than just a necessity, but a form of self-expression.

Aude launched its first collection in 2020, a sunglasses collection characterized by timeless and strong shapes. Aude pays particular attention to developing comfortable, loved and sustainable models in a creative approach that is as responsible and positive as possible. The glasses are made of organic acetate, Organic acetate is recyclable, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-polluting. This material is a more responsible alternative to traditional cellulose acetate.

Curious about our collection?

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