The Enhanced Match code is highlighted in blue. In the first em parameter, pass back the user's raw email address—in the second, pass back the SHA256 hash of the user's email. Got it
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store assistant  / eyewear hero 


Who needs a superhero if we can have you?

Are you looking for a fun part-time challenge? Flexibility is your middle name, your  loves to guide people in the search for unique glasses and your creativity / enthusiasm support our young, dynamic team.

You are always available on busy days and you are our rock in the branding when realizing a good planning.  

We immerse you completely in the world of design optics and before you know it you will be the real eyeglass freak we are looking for.  

Do you see yourself reading this vacancy? Please contact us as soon as possible  at and  who knows, you might soon be the new superhero without a cape. 

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