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Loft celebrates 175 years of ZEISS glasses with a gift to you.

We celebrate the 175th anniversary of ZEISS in October. ZEISS is our renowned supplier of all our spectacle lenses. Together we offer all our customers an unseen gift.

When purchasing glasses with ZEISS Smartlife lenses, you will now temporarily receive a second pair of ZEISS Drivesafe glasses for your second unique Loft frame of choice*. So, if you weren't sure about which pair of glasses you wanted, now you don't have to choose!

With this gift we want you to discover the pleasure of being able to switch between 2 pairs of glasses. Maybe choose a frame that is just a bit further out of your comfort zone? Or a frame with a little more color that you wouldn't consider otherwise... Our new collection will offer you the necessary options.

In addition, we want to put Zeiss' Drivesafe glasses in the spotlight. Glasses for everyday use and safer driving.

Many people feel insecure, uncomfortable and stressed while driving. Especially under difficult light and weather conditions, such as rain, fog, during twilight or in the dark. On average, 83% of people who wear glasses are also drivers. So, driving can be a real challenge for anyone, and good visibility is essential for safety.

With DriveSafe Glasses, ZEISS introduces new lenses for everyday use. Specifically designed to meet the vision needs of people who want to feel safer and more comfortable in traffic.

*Terms and conditions. You can receive a second pair of glasses when:

- You buy a first unique pair of Loft glasses with Zeiss Smartlife glasses (uni- or multifocal)

- You choose a second unique pair of Loft glasses where you will receive a second pair of glasses as a gift.

- The promotion is strictly personal. The strengths of the second pair of lenses should be identical to the first pair of lenses.

- Not valid on prescription sunglasses and can't be combined with other promotions.

- Promotion runs until the end of October.

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