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Meet our newest member : Carolien

YAY! Loft is getting bigger and we like to show you our newest team member...

Hello Carolien!

Spontaneous, enthusiastic, a passion for fashion, and a réal eyewear hero. With 7 years of experience as an optician-optometrist and excitement for a brand new experience, our 'flying optician' will welcome you with a big smile in Ghent and Antwerp.

"If I had to choose one eyewear designer... I would choose Aude Herouard. Her designs are powerful but also pure and elegant. It's a small sustainable brand from France. I LOVE IT!" – Carolien

"I've been following the eyewear trends for years. In the end, I love timeless looks the most. A look that highlights your own style. An extra touch of character gives you a confident look and enhances a good outfit. Although I do like to alternate with a more subtle pair myself sometimes. Picking the right look for the right person... is what makes me the happiest. I am so ready to find the perfect match for you!"

Curious about Carolien's skills? Give us a visit or make an appointment in our shops in Ghent or Antwerp.


Het Loft team

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