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The person behind the camera. ✨

Nele is our newest team member & Loft photographer. We asked her some questions about her career, inspiration and dreams. Discover her world behind the camera.

How did your passion/love for photography start?

When my girlfriends and I were about 12 years old, our sleepovers consisted of location-hunting, stuffing backpacks full of clothes, taking pictures. Then, editing everything on really bad programs the next day.

I lost that for a few years. But by studying graphic design, I rediscovered that love for photography. The only difference is that the backpacks full of clothes have become suitcases.

I have always regarded photography as a source of inspiration for colours, materials and compositions. Photography is my way of communicating.

Do you look up to other photographers?

I admire a lot of people, in all kinds of different fields. It always changes. The world is full of inspiring people, and there is a lifetime to discover them.

If I had to give three names today I would go for:

Myrthe Giesbers

Umit Savaci

Ileana Moro

What inspired you to come and work at Loft?

As a child, much to my mot