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When dreams come true. Come discover our very first in-house collection in firsts.

A 2-year search for the most beautiful colors, sustainable materials and artisanal finishes led to our own collection 'Loft Handmade Eyewear'. We are therefore very proud to invite you to see and try our very first own line.

It was a dream but also a logical step to work on our own collection.

We are always looking for innovative shapes and sometimes missed warm colors in existing collections. With our own line we can now make our full range even wider and express our own style in characterful frames.

Quality was more important than ever and therefore chose plastic color frames from one of the world's top manufacturers from Italy 'Mazzucchelli'. It started 2 years ago with all kinds of small steel plates. We had our favorites enlarged a bit and we played with different finishes.

The shapes were also selected very carefully. To get the best result, first only preliminary pieces were produced to try out the effect of the colors as well as the shapes on different types of skin and face shapes.

"It's a nice mix of warm colors and characterful shapes. Unobtrusively striking. " - Tom Buysse

The collection consists of 15 shapes each in 3 shades : grape green, pomegranate red, cognac brown. Each color can be either brushed or polished. A nice detail: Each color has a code referring to the date of birth of someone from the team.

Those who want their own Loft glasses must be quick. There is a maximum of 3 pieces of each model. You won't find more limited series in the eyewear world! Visit one of your favorite Loft stores starting Saturday, October 1.

The campaign of this collection 'Handcooked' was inspired by the work of Irving Penn. A reference to the homely atmosphere and interior you can find at Loft.

As excited as we are? Make an appointment online or call one of our stores, and we'll have plenty of time to walk you through the entire collection.


The Loft team

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